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Pwnzy Uberleet

2009-01-02 18:23:30 by Pwnzy

Hey im Pwnzy and i think newgrounds rocks. i got sick of all the retards and censorship down at youtube so i thought that since i've been playing games and enjoying flash submissions here at newgrounds for so long i thought i should finally make an account. I'm going to get some audio submissions up soon and maybe even some flashes. Right now im working on some songs on garage band and trying to download flash on my damn mac. oh well leave comments plz, later!


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2009-03-18 21:49:20

careful with the garageband samples. there's been a gigantic backlash against the guitar and drum sound samples that come with the program...? if its a sampled beat or a sampled riff, there are literally hundreds of other people on here that will hear it and be mildly to extremely pissed. practice with the samples, submit original recordings. that's my motto.

Pwnzy responds:

thank you dude. im new here still and i can really use advice like that. i'll keep that in mind. newgrounds is made awesome by people like you, thanks.